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Introduction to PLC's & SCADA HMI's

Introduction to PLC's & SCADA HMI's
Course Code: PLCHMI

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Duration: 2 Days

Cost: Contact Focus Engineering at +353 (0)94 9370934. Course manual, lunch, and refreshments provided.

Course Summary:

This two-day PLC / SCADA HMI course is designed to focus on the fundamentals of Programmable Logic Controllers and SCADA HMi’s used in the industry.

Course Objectives:

At the end of the course, students will be able to,

  1. Design and Write basic PLC programs and generate SCADA HMI graphics for industrial applications.
  2. Involve participants in workshops, designed to develop their own applications and advance their existing Step 7 programming skills.
  3. Trouble Shoot hardware & software whilst using PLCs or SCADA HMI graphics.


  1. Who Should Attend:
  • The Hands On 2 Day Intro PLC’s and SCADA HMi’s Workshop is designed as an introduction to personnel that wishes to advance their careers in to the world of Industrial Automation. No prior knowledge of PLCs or SCADA HMis is required. This is a beginners course and all are welcome.


  1. Course Prerequisites:
  2. No prior use or knowledge of PLCs or SCADA HMi’s is necessary, but the 2 Day PLC& SCADA HMI course assumes that course participants are able to operate a keyboard and have PC computer skills.

  1. Follow-on Course:
  2. On completing the 2 Day PLC & SCADA HMI Course each participant can enrol in the Siemens Step 7 Level 1 and/or Allen Bradley using RSLogix 5000.

Course Outline:

Day 1

  • Description of PLC Hardware.
  • Fundamentals of PLC Software. Ladder, Statement List, Structured Text & flow Block Diagrams.
  • Create New Project and PLC settings.
  • Hardware Configuration & Diagnostics.
  • Exercises.

Day 2

  • Timers, Pulse, On-Delay, Off-Delay, On/Off Delay Timers.
  • 7 Day Weekly Timer.
  • Pulse Train 10Sec On/Off Timers.
  • Assign both the PLC and the SCADA HMI with an IP Address.
  • Setup PLC to SCADA HMI communications over Ethernet.
  • Generate SCADA HMI Graphics.


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