Siemens and Allen Bradley Training Courses supplied by Focus Engineeringd

SCADA Design and Data Analysis

  • Development of high end SCADA design projects.
  • Key data required in an intuitive SCADA solution, by combining the powerful SCADA software package Ignition with an SQL database of the client’s requirements.
  • Ability to connect a wide range of PLC brands and seamlessly connect them through an OPC server allowing communications without the need for additional wiring of communications cables.

Connecting PLC's Through OPC Server


Directly Connecting PLC's to SCADA



Real Time Status Control

real time status control

  • Dynamic data analysis into a SCADA system, allowing the end user to retrieve data history of configured tags at the click of a button. The data analysis can be configured to show:

  • Correlation of two tags history values
  • Standard deviation
  • Min Max values
  • Average values
  • And many more

Data Trending Directly from Tag

data trending from tag


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